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Your Real Estate Broker” is a unique service provided by Jazel Trading Est., with its partners in the brokerage area – real estate development and marketing for serving the beneficiaries. These services are provided for competitive fees very professionally, as agreed upon with the service applicant before commencing work. This business goals are to:

- Improve the revenue of investment for the investors who do not have ability to perform real estate development and build and sell the residential units – the net profit rate is around 15-20%.

- Rent lands and residential or commercial units that are suitable for every property seeker, subject to their desires, which are recorded and carried for to be provided as soon as possible with the lowest price and most appropriate quality, as required by the client.

To request the service, call us

Ownership of Real Estate by Non-Saudis in KSA

Exclusively, for the first time via ElaQar Application, the non-Saudis can possess any of the properties displayed through the Website at any place of the KSA, only for private accommodation or investment purposes, after getting approval of the competent authorities of the Kingdom.

We will help and provide you with our services to obtain approval of the competent authorities for the non-Saudis’ ownership of real estate in the Kingdom, you have only to contact us

1) Terms, conditions and requirements to obtain approval of the competent authorities of the Kingdom shall be applied as provided for in the Law of Real Estate Ownership and Investment by Non-Saudis.

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